Scenic murder photos here, indeed. Our image of the week comes again this week from Jan Williams and Chris Teasdale's Caravan Gallery and has added (personal) significance as I write this post from Kalgoorlie, Australia's largest outback city, in Western Australia. 

The landscape is orange-red, the town working on shift in the mines, the odd punter or two stumbles from bars where the girls just wear underwear, known as 'Skimpies' they used to be completely naked but now have to wear the bare minimum to comply with health and safety. There is a brothel museum lit up like a Christmas tree.

Caravan Gallery's unknown Australian town is a place where people, perhaps, should not be. 'Scenic' in a brutal, washed out, end of the road kind of way.

The photography duo, who exhibit their work in their very own dedicated caravan cum gallery space are currently in the midst of a UK-wide tour and the roaming exhibition, 'extra{ordinary}:Photographs of Britain' has been travelling to locations all over Britain since March 2015. You can catch the current leg of the tour at Diffusion Festival 2015 at Ffotogallery, Cardiff, in October. 

AuthorSacha Waldron