Just opened at P-A-M (P Artist Management), London, is photographer Ivar Wigan’s new solo exhibition ‘The Gods’. ‘The Gods’ series, which was produced during his time on the History of Art and Ancient History MA at Edinburgh University, captures the “unusual and typically undocumented lifestyles” Wigan found during some time in Atlanta, Miami and Los Angeles.

From gangs to strippers, overcrowded pool parties, pimped up car rallies, daily life in crumbling suburban houses – the images are observational yet grainily stylised depictions of urban life and poverty, a combination of Richard Billingham and a stripped back Lynch. The more you look, the more details appear – an overweight girl in a gold swimsuit and gold headband at the party, the studded or polka dot knickers of the sad-eyed girl rolling around in small bills on the strip club floor, the reflection of neon on the car bonnet at the Geneva Hotel or the beautiful girl making mac and Mexican cheese flanked by her son as two naked bodies kiss on the beach in the picture behind her.

Princess  (2012). Ivar Wigan

Princess (2012). Ivar Wigan

The Hotel Geneva  (2010). Ivar Wigan

The Hotel Geneva (2010). Ivar Wigan

The Business  (2012). Ivar Wigan

The Business (2012). Ivar Wigan

Athletes  (2011). Ivar Wigan

Athletes (2011). Ivar Wigan

Pool Party  (2010). Ivar Wigan

Pool Party (2010). Ivar Wigan

‘The Gods’ runs until 31st July 2015.

P-A-M. 259-269 Old Marylebone Road. London NW1 5RA


Wigan’s own site is under construction but you can find out more about his work, see more images and read an interview with the artist on Dazed Digital here

AuthorSacha Waldron