The Moonshiner is a new print and multimedia project by Peter Hoffmeister and Jack Laughner that begins with a newspaper functioning in concept as a critique of corporate mass media. The first issue is loosely based around the experiences of Malcolm Vernon Ford, a fictional character supposed to represent a typical everyday citizen, and explores theories of a rising police state in the U.S and raises issues of surveillance in contemporary American life. Instead of featuring written articles, the newspaper is primarily visual. Almost like a series of prints, the function of the newspaper medium is changed – both another printed daily throwaway like the Metro and a covetable art object. You simultaneously want to file it and chuck it. This is also a statement by the artists into the relevance of the print medium, not so easily deletable or clock-away able as digital media. Hoffmeister and Laughner distribute The Moonshiner outside New York City art museums, making the process of circulation both a performance and a protest against corporate mass media and issues of corruption at governmental level.

The duo have set up a website functioning as context for the project especially in light of emerging events, for example the recent Newtown mass shooting. They are also using the popular and useful fundraising site Kickstarter to raise cash to fund future Moonshiner issues. The campaign has some great sweeteners to your donation, including original prints by Hoffmeister, paintings by the fictional Malcolm Vernon Jones and also if you pledge the highest amount of $500 they will come to your house or office and paint a wall-sized mural! 

AuthorSacha Waldron